You must maintain proper hydration before, during and after the race, you must avoid dehydration that leads to decreased performance or worse, serious alterations in our body, and even a vital urgency in the same race or later. You should drink without thirst. Tip: drink at least ½ liter of water alone in the hour before the race, and at all supplies during the race. Isotonic beverages are NOT required.


Remember to make use of all the supplies that are located in strategic places of the race, more or less every 5 km, DRINK ALWAYS DO NOT BE SED, at least every 20 minutes.


Always taking into account hydration with water, the previous night would be advisable a dinner rich in carbohydrates, a good pasta dish with light sauce. You must have breakfast at least two hours before the race, you have to get up early, and better food to which you are accustomed, without doing “experiments”. The healthiest is a little bit of everything, especially carbohydrates, but some fat and some protein, and do not overdo the sugar. For example, yogurt with cereals, a piece of fruit or juice, and some nuts, but also worth the coffee with milk with toast oil and ham and a piece of fruit if it is your usual breakfast. Tip: you can take a piece of fruit (banana, for example) or cereal bar on the run and take it 20 minutes before departure.


Do not change your sleep rhythm or bedtime, if you have to change it because you have to move to Alicante from another municipality, try to make the transfer alter your sleep as little as possible.


If high temperatures accompany us, use sunscreen (better special for sport that does not disturb sweat) and cap. And hydration increases!


The right one for the weather that we have that day, please avoid the long fat shirts to “burn fat while I run”, produce dehydration and is not the right time. Footwear is important to be suitable for running, as well as socks, NO new sneakers, and avoid using those same sneakers in the previous 24hrs. DO NOT use new Ortésis (Ankle, Knee, Knee, Girdle, etc.) different from usual.


If you are not well (catarrh, headache, gastroenteritis, musculoskeletal injuries, etc.), you are not in an adequate physical form or have not been trained, let alone if you suffer from any important pathology, abstain from participating. Sport is to enjoy it and have fun, not to suffer, much less risk our health. You should NOT run a half marathon without proper training. And when in doubt consult a specialist doctor.


The most frequent serious emergency in this type of careers is Dehydration by Heat Stroke; The sun, high temperatures and humidity and lack of hydration are our worst enemies in this race, put means to fight against them, proper clothing and correct hydration.


From the Medical Service of the Organization we remind you that our priority is safety and health, for this reason we recommend and insist that a thorough medical-sports examination be carried out in a specialized center, at least once a year and above all if You are over 35 years old.


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